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A new telling of the revolution is about to begin. The difference in the movie and the T.V. Series I advise you watch the T.V. Series if you want to understand this movie better. I will be explaining the Utena movie the best way I can, and in my own opinions after the movie information (Next paragraph) If you have any question, please don't hesitate to email me at

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie, was released by Software Sculptors in November of 2001 in the U.S. Originally titled "Adolescence of Utena: Adolescence Mokushiroku" or "Shoujo Kakumei Utena Seisaku Iinkai" was released in Japanese Theaters in the Summer of 1999.

Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Movie

|    80 Minutes    |    For Ages 16 and up    |     Region 1 disc.

Utena duels her classmates to protect her friend Anthy, who is the key to a magical power that could make her dream - to become a prince - come true. But Anthy hides a terrible secret, and Utena must face the truth about herself and those she loves... and learn what it to be a true hero.

DVD Features: Behind-the Scenes Video (The Making of the English Dub, with Kunihiko Ikuhara) , Japanese TV Spots, Japanese Trailers, Kobayashi's Art Boards, Character Sketches with Directors' Notes, Fan Tribute, Trivia Quiz, Chapter Stops, Sneak Peeks, and Interactive Menus.

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Revolutionary Girl Utena - Adolescence of Utena Manga

|    192 Pages    |    For Ages 16 and up    

Elegance is a way of life at Ohtori Academy. For close to one hundred years, the elite boarding school has values tradition and ceremony above almost everything else. Into this academic milieu walks Utena Tenjou, a short-tressed teenaged girl who favors trim-cut boys clothing. Almost immediately, she finds herself embroiled in sword duels, knotty romantic entanglements and a string of shady alliances. There’s a cloud of mystery hanging over the campus of Ohtori and everyone Utena meets harbors a dark and twisted secret.

A liberal adaptation of the movie by the same name, The Adolescence of Utena veers wildly from its original source. More direct than the anime and more mature than the original manga series, this version of Chiho Saito's fractured fairy tale blasts Utena straight into the iconic stratosphere.

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Graphic Novel

*Spoilers Ahead!*

Explanation of the movie, and how it ties into the T.V. Series. I've gathered this information from the Utena movie commentary. First I'll start out with a quick explanation of the movie from the beginning. The first scene in the movie has a complete view and run though of the school, ending with the shadow of Anthy and Dios, the Prince, in the rose garden. This scene doesn't say much.. but this may be when it all started. When Anthy, the witch, made Akio, the King of Flies, into the Prince, Dios. If that excuse for a sentence made sense, hehe.

For those of you who have seen the Utena series in it's completion, know that Anthy left the school in search for Utena. Some theories on the Utena movie show that perhaps Akio caught up with Utena and made her a deal. That they would go back, and replay all the duels. From the beginning.. but this time, let Anthy have control more then Akio. Another theory is that this is just a re-telling of the story. What would happen, if the Prince never existed originally. I like to stand by the end of the movie manga, where the end is just T.V. Series Anthy and Utena watching a movie, that they felt was a familiar story from their forgotten past. Hence, it just being a re-telling of the T.V. Series.

When it comes to Utena, she is pretty much the same person. She is a little more gutsy in the movie then the series, mostly because she wasn't rescued by Dios and shown the Rose Bride, instead, Touga was the one who saved her from suicide. Her and Touga only had each other for the time.. and Utena admired his will to save people. She was her Prince. Unfortunately, Touga was taken away from Utena. (This will be explained in the Touga paragraph) When this happened, Utena became her own Prince. Forgetting what really happened to Touga. Utena is more looking for people to save, then looking for her Prince.

The story between the duel games, Akio, and Anthy have a different view but the same goal as in the series. Akio wanted the power to become a Prince again, something he had lost before. The difference here was, that Anthy, the witch, made Akio the Prince with her magic. When the magic wore off, The Prince died and Akio returned to his former self. Akio created the duel game to have someone else open the way to find revolution. Akio thought a revolution would give him power to return Anthy to her original witch form and give him more power.. unfortunately, he had to use someone else's dreams to achieve this. That is why he held the duel games like that. Once again unworthily, Akio didn't understand the meaning of the word "Revolution." Also a note-worthy piece of info, is that Akio's new voice change was due to the change in his character. His new voice was done by a popular Japanese musician, Mitsuhiko Oikawa. In the movie, Akio committed suicide after realizing Anthy knew all of his secrets. That's also why she buried him secretly, so his secrets wouldn't of been known. Also, this explains why the ghost of the Prince went into Utena, during her duel with Juri.

Touga, who was originally Utena's boyfriend before she came to the school, has a much different story. He was the Prince, who saved Utena from her grave. When Utena and Touga where out one day, Touga got up to go get ice cream. While he is returning, he heard Utena screaming. He runs back to comfort Utena. He then realizes that a poor little girl fell off a boat. He quickly jumps in to save her, though unfortunately drowns himself under the rapid water. Of course, the little girl is saved by an adult. Utena forgot about this day when she wanted to become a Prince, as did the girl who he tried to save, who also wanted to portray the Prince. We know her as Juri. It seems that the ghost of Touga posses Utena, and Juri. That's what leads them to wanting to be a Prince. Of course, that is why Utena and Juri can see him. Juri of course, becomes jealous of Utena wanting to be a Prince like herself. Juri is more of a rival Prince, then anything. Akio can see Touga, because Akio is a ghost as well. Anthy, being a witch, can see Touga also. The most confusing part, was why could Shiori see Touga? Ikuhara explains that Shiori is in love with Touga, because she knew Juri was. Being in love with a ghost, is another way of people being able to see ghosts. If you're wondering why I know people can usually see the ghosts of someone they love. Did you ever watch the old Zelda cartoon? The one where Link is dead.. and only Zelda and the fairy can see him? Gannon points out that only the ones who loved Link could see him. Link's ego goes up pretty high after he finds this out... And YES, I'm trusting the words of a evil wizard boar. ;p 

Also, when we get to the school for the first time. Wakaba pretty much comes up and claims Utena. Then, after Utena leaves her in a crowd of people, it seems that Wakaba found another new student to walk around the school and claim to be her "boyfriend." This boy never shows her face, but the back of his head reminds me of the Onion Prince from the T.V. Series.

Nanami makes an comical appearance in the movie in her cow form, as was introduced in T.V. Episode 16, the Cowbell of Happiness. This scene also stars elephant versions of Suzuki, Yamada, Tanaka from the Secret Curry Spice episode. (Find out where these episodes take place on my episode page.) Also ChuChu makes his only appearance, as well as the first appearance of Keroppon, ChuChu's rival. Originally, Keroppon was supposed to appear in the T.V. Series and at sometime in the episode, he would eat ChuChu. Well, ChuChu eats everything.. I suppose it's "Divine Justice."

Of course, this leaves Saionji and Miki. They are just bystanders, maybe they are also "Ghosts."? Their character doesn't developed as well as they do in the T.V. series. Saionji seems to be in love with Anthy, more then wanting power. Maybe he was also there when Touga died, and wanted to be like him? Miki, just strived for power. It's like when boys hit puberty. They want to be better then anyone. They get that "I am the best" attitude.

The shadow play girls also seem to be ghosts. Perhaps E-ko and F-ko are ghosts of Utena and Anthy. Once Utena and Anthy left, the ghosts became dolls. That's one was of explaining. Of course, alot of people are more confused about the following..

The car scene. Everyone asks "Why did Utena become a car?" Ect, ect. The best way to explain it, is that in the T.V. series, when Utena walked up the stairs to the dueling arena. Then she would see the castle, then meet her challenger. The car scene was originally going to be a duel, until Ikuhara decided to surprise the audience. The car scene has no real explanation other then, the final duel. They duel to escape into the outside world, and cause a revolution for themselves. The lotus cars represent all the "ghosts" in the school. They where jealous that Anthy and Utena where going.. and they wanted to stop them. Then, when they failed, the castle of eternity blocked their way. Ikuhara explains that he did it this way to make it seem like a video game. Well, he got his way. Near the end, they are approached by Akio, as a ghost. He wanted Utena and Anthy to return... but Anthy wanted to follow her prince.. and her Prince was no longer Akio.


If anyone needs to know something I have not explained, please feel free to ask. ^_^ 


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