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This is probably one of the best sections on my site. A complete character list. Movie, Manga, T.V. Series characters, they are all here! Here you will find images of the characters, as well as full names in romanji (Written in English alphabet) and kanji (Japanese), as well as episode/volume they appeared in, and a short description of their personalities and roles. Names are written last name first, first name last. The voice actors names, on other hand, are in Japanese form (last name first) To look up the Japanese voices and their other parts, go to 


Tenjou Utena - 天上 ウテナ       

Date of Birth - 12/29 Sign - Capricorn Voice: Tomoko Kawakami  (Chiriko of Fushigi Yuugi) and  Rachael Lillis (Pikachu, Misty, and more in Pokemon) Blood Type - B
Appeared in Episodes 1-39, Manga 1-6, Game, and Movie 

Tenjou Utena was transferred to Ohtori Academy when she saw the school, and the schools logo looked just like the symbol on the ring a Prince gave her when she was little. She met Anthy Himemiya in an accidental duel against the Kendo team captain and became the champion "duelist." From that moment on, Utena's life made a strange twist.

Brief Name Translation: Calyx Above Heaven


        Himemiya Anthy -  姫宮 アンシー       

Date of Birth -  02/29 Sign - Pisces Voice: Yuriko Fuchizaki  (Rushe of Bastard!) and Sharon Becker. Blood Type - AB
Appeared in Episodes 1-39, Manga 1-6, Game, and Movie  When Anthy was young, she was cursed and hated by all. She became the Rose Bride as punishment for her deeds. The reason she is now in the duel game as the Prize, is because she needs a "Prince she can believe in" and only someone who can win the duels and defend her, can free her and grant themselves revolution. Mysterious and quite, Anthy also has a lesser seen side of childish and sweet.

In the movie, Anthy acts more forward and seems more positive and less depressing.

Brief Name Translation: The Flower Princess



        Kiryuu Touga - 桐生 冬芽       

Date of Birth - 06/04

Sign - Gemini Voice: Koyasu Takehito (Hotohori of FY) and Chrispen Freeman (Irresponsible Caption Taylor) Blood Type - A
Appeared in Episodes 1-13, 16, 21, 24-32, 34-39. Manga 1-6, Game, and movie. He is the playboy president of the Student Council. He's got looks, voice, brains, and an iron fist. At first he plays himself off to be Utena's Prince, to manipulate her into fighting him. Later on in the series, Touga's attitude does a complete 180... and he becomes sick of being used by a higher power, and realizes his true feelings.

In both the manga and the movie, Touga acts more caring towards people. In the manga, he ends up moving in with Utena after their duel. In the movie, Touga is the "Prince" of the story, as well as the person Utena is in love with.

Brief Name Translation: Winter Bud living in Paulownia.


       Saionji Kyouichi - 西園寺 莢一        

Date of Birth - 8/25 Sign - Virgo Voice: Takeshi Kusao  (Also Trunks of Dragon Ball) and Jack Taylor Blood Type - O
Appeared in Episodes 1, 2, 6, 8-10, 13, 19, 20, 25, 27, 34-39, Manga 1-6, Game, and Movie Saionji is a rather obsessed and almost unstable person at some points. His cock attitude and his "I'm better then you" personality really makes him out to be a hated person. He tends to show a little bit of passion and emotion when he talks about his "hate" for Touga, even though they have more of a friendship rivaling each other. Saionji also has this horrible luck of always dueling Utena, when she gets some sort of new power. Oh well, sucks for him. Brief Name Translation: West Garden Temple with One Pod.

        Arisugawa Juri - 有栖川 樹璃       
Date of Birth - 12/1 Sign - Sagittarius Voice: Kotono Mitsuishi (Sailor Moon, and Misato from Evangelion.) and Mandy Bonhomme Blood Type - A
Appeared in Episodes 1-5, 7-13, 15-29, 31, 36-39, Manga  1-6, Game, and Movie Juri is as powerful as she is beautiful. Fencing Team Captain, as well as treasurer of the Student Council. Her strength and grace is known by even the younger graders. She is the Empress of the school, and even a slight glare from her could get you kicked out of the school. Though, something seems to always be holding her down, some sort of power holding her down. In the series, she wants to disprove miracles.. even though each of her duels end with her loosing to a miracles. She also has fun shamelessly flirting with Miki, and enjoys jewelry. 

In the movie, she is tied down by her old love.. and the death of her Prince. Her old love, forcing her to be the Prince. In the manga though, Ruka is her love.. and it's what happens to him, makes her the way she is. 

Brief Name Translation: A glass tree, surrounded by life.

        Kaoru Miki - 薫 幹       
Date of Birth - 5/28 Sign - Gemini Voice: Aya Hisakawa  (Sailor Mercury of Sailor Moon) and Jimmy Zoppie. Blood Type - O
Appeared in Episodes 1-29, 31, 32, 36-39, Manga 1-6, Game, and movie. Miki is kind, shy, sweet, cute and very nice. Also, he's smart and can play the piano! Definitely best friend material for girls. Miki is sometimes very shy and won't talk often, but when he wants to express his feelings, he does. Miki doesn't act to much different in the movie and manga. In the manga, he's a bit more gutsy, and in the movie he's more interested in power, then anything else.

The one problem Miki always has, is getting distracted and losing duels. It's always his "Shining thing" that distracts him.

Brief Name Translation: Fragrant Trunk (O.o;)


        Ohtori Akio -鳳 暁生       
Date of Birth - 9/15 Sign - Virgo Voice: Jurota Kosugi (Series), Mitsuhiro Oikawa (Movie), and Josh Moby Blood Type - A
Appeared in Episodes 13-15, 17-23, 25, 26, 28-39, Manga 3-6, Game, and movie. Akio is Anthy's older brother, and temp. depute trust chairman of Ohtori Academy, thanks to his marriage to Kanae Ohtori, who had a bigger household, hence why Akio took the name. He is very powerful figure and is a very romantic man, who is also evil. Yes. EVIL. 

In the movie though, he's a little more laid back, not as evil.. and feels more like a victim. Though in the manga, he is very much like your everyday shoujo villain.

Brief Name Translation: Reborn Phoenix


        Shinohara Wakaba - 篠原 若葉       
Date of Birth - 3/14 Sign - Pisces Voice: Yuka Imai  (Karia of El Hazard) and Roxanne Beck Blood Type - O
Appeared in Episodes 1-5, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, 18-20, 23, 25, 30, 34, 35, 39, Manga 1-3, game, and movie Wakaba is Utena's best friend. She welcomes Utena to Ohtori, thinking how cool she is. Saionji says she loves Utena, but only as a good friend. Her true love is discovered right away, when she talks about the Student Council Vice President. Brief Name Translation: Young Bamboo Leaf


        Kiryuu Nanami - 桐生 七実       

Date of Birth - 8/8 Sign - Leo  Voice: Yuri Shiratori and Leah Applebaum Blood Type - B
Appeared in Episodes 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15-29, 31, 32, 37-39, game and movie.  Nanami is the sister of Touga, and it quite protective of her brother.. and tries to get rid of anyone who stands between her and her brother. Sometimes obsessive and always unfortunate, Nanami is a comic relief character.

Sense the Dance episode where she tricked Anthy, it seems every few episodes that Nanami has some sort of overly amusing and seemingly impossible confrontation with animals. My theory, is it's all Anthy getting revenge on that night. Gwahaha!

Brief Name Translation: Seventh nut living in Paulownia


Tsuwabuki Mitsuru - 石蕗 美蔓

Date of Birth - 7/10 Sign - Cancer Voice: Akiko Yajima and Ed Paul Blood Type - O
 16, 18, 24, 27, 31, and 39 Also known as "boy slave" to Nanami. Mitsuru's attempt to become Nanami's big brother fails many times, though her never gives up. Usually, when something bad happens to Nanami, he's in the middle of it all! Brief Name Translation: Brief Name Translations: Stone Butterbur Bine


        Kaoru Kozue - 薫 梢       
Date of Birth - 5/28  Sign - Gemini Voice: Chieko Honda and Roxanne Beck Blood type - O 
Appeared in Episodes 5, 15, 26, and 39, Game, manga  2, and movie. Kozue is Miki's possessive twin sister. When they where little, her and Miki played the Piano, quite well I might add. Though, one day Miki got sick, and she had to go on alone! She got so scared, because she knew Miki was the only good Piano player of the two.. she ran off and never played the piano again. She often teases Miki about it.. and Miki just blows her off.. making her very jealous of someone else being his  "shining thing." Brief Name Translation: Fragrant Treetop (Note: See how Miki and Kozue's name go together?)


        Takatsuki Shiori - 高槻 枝織       
Date of Birth - 2/2 Sign - Aquarius Voice: Kumiko Nishihara and Lisa Ortiz (Lina from Slayers) Blood Type - B
Appeared in Episodes 7, 17, 28, 29, 39, Game, and Movie. This girl is either hated (mostly) or loved. Though she has few fans, she has moistly enemies. She was the girl who set out to have something Juri couldn't have. Wanting to be her rival and wanting what he has.. This girl also wishes to prove the power of miracles to Juri, who wishes to break away from what holds her down.

Why she's hated by Juri fans? Well, if you've seen any episodes with her in it, you'd know.

Brief Name Translation: High Zelkova Serrata (Name of a Plant) or as many Anti-Shiori shrines call her "The Goat."


        Mikage Souji - 御影 草時       
Date of Birth - 11/30 Sign - Sagittarius Voice: Hikaru Midorikawa (Tamahome of Fushigi Yuugi) and Dan Green Blood Type - AB
Appeared in Episodes 14, 15, 17-23, Manga 5, and Game. Mikage is the mysterious head of the Black Rose Society. He is a duelist, finding another way to revolution. He almost seems like the male version of Utena, or as some say, the "evil" Utena. 

He plots to kill the Rose Bride and replace her with Mamiya.

Brief Name Translation: Honorable shadow rooted in time.


        Chida Mamiya - 千唾 馬宮       

??? ??? Voice: Maria  Kawamura and Liam O'Brien ???
Appeared in Episodes 14, 15, 17, 18, 22, 23, and Game. 

Mamiya is plotting with Mikage to kill the Rose Bride and replace her, and finding their own way to get "revolution" to the world.

Brief name Translation: Earth Horse Shrine


Ohtori Kanae - 鳳 香苗

Date of Birth - 4/2 Sign - Aeries Voice: Ai Orikasa (Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo) and Elizabeth Tarpon Blood Type - AB
Appeared in Episodes 14, 30, and movie.

Kanae is the love of Akio, and the reason why he is Trustee Chairman of Ohtori. She doesn't play a big role, and sometimes seems like she's never around. When she IS with Akio, she seems overly happy.

Brief Name Translation: Sapling of a Phoenix's sent.


Sanjouin Chigusa - 三条院 千種

 Date of Birth - 9/24 Sign - Libra   Voice: Okamoto Maya (Haruka Minato from Nadesico) Blood Type - A
 Appeared in the Game only. Chigusa is a very mysterious women who's past with the "Ends of the World" is alot like Mikage's. She tends to hang around the old Fencing room, and seems to have slight interest in taking away what certain character treasure. Brief Name Translation: 3 joints, a great variety of flower pants.


     Dios - ディオス     
??? ??? Voice: Hiro Yuki and Chrispin Freeman ???
Appeared in most duels, but mainly appeared in episodes 34, 35, 37, and 39. Also in the game, movie, and manga. The Prince. That's all I can really say that's not really giving out spoilers. Lets just say he has relations to other characters and he's not really part of the world anymore. Long story. ^^; Dios is a kind person, who always helps ones who need him, no matter how he feels. Brief Name Translation: Spanish for "God"


 Player - 俳優

*Your Choice* *Your Choice* Voice: Kaoru Fujino Blood Type - B?
Appeared in Game. The player. Take a world like Utena, where it's mostly serious world where the most comical stuff happens in certain episodes.. then toss in a very Usagi/Miaka-like character who cracks bad jokes constantly. Well, that's the character you control in the game. Wonderful! Brief Name Translation:   It only means she's the "Player" of this "Game."



Shadow Girl "A" - 影絵少女 A子

Shadow Girl "B" - 影絵少女 B子

Voiced By:  Maria Kawamura Episodes Appeared In - 1-13, 25-30, 32-39 and Game. Voiced By: Satomi Koorogi Episodes Appeared In - 1-13, 25-30, 32-39 and Game.

These two mysterious girls come from the "Planet Kashira" to Earth, so it seems. Personally, I just think they are over-dramatic theater people. They pop in thought the episodes right before or after commercial break to give a creepy moral and some puns.


Shadow Girl "C" - 影絵少女 C子

Voiced By:  Kumiko Watanabe, and Roxanne Beck. Episodes Appeared In - 14-24, 31, 34, 37-39 and Movie.
This girl, like the other two shadow girls, is a bit kooky. She appears alone, and plays out her scenes all by herself.. even when there are more then one parts. Unlike the other two as well, she isn't from the Planet Kashira, she's actually a monkey. A monkey pretending to be people, like Ikuhara says..



Shadow Girl "E" - 影絵少女 E子

Shadow Girl "F" - 影絵少女 F子

Voiced By:  Lisa Ortiz and Maria Kawamura Appeared in Movie only Voiced By:  Satomi Koorogi and Mandy Bonhomme Appeared in Movie only

These two shadow girls are neither aliens nor monkeys, they're just the kooky hosts of Ohtori's morning Radio Show! More importantly.. where is Shadow Girl D?!


Sonoda Keiko - 園田 茎子

Date of Birth - October 6th Sign - Virgo Voiced By - Rei Nakagawa and Mandy Bonhomme Blood Type - A
Episodes Appeared in - 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 21, 24, 27, 31, 32, and 39  Keiko is one of the 3 flunkies who follow Nanami. She's also the only one who gets her actual feelings shown quite a bit. Brief Name Translation - Child in a field of rice.


Wakiya Aiko - 脇谷 愛子

Oose Yuuko - 大瀬 優子

Voiced by - Naoko Takano Appeared in Episodes - 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 21, 24, 27, 31, 32, 39  Voiced by - Emi Motoi Appeared in Episodes 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 21, 24, 27, 31, 32, 39 
Aiko and Yuuko are Nanami's other followers. There isn't much to say about them besides that they follow Nanami because of her big brother. I am to understand they also have a pocky addiction.



Yurika - ゆりか

Appeared in Manga Yurika is Utena's Aunt, who raised Utena the best she could after Utena parents died. Right before Utena was sent to Ohtori, her aunt and a work friend, Wakaouji, went to Amsterdam for a big project. Brief Name Translation - Lily


Kaidou - かいど

Appeared in Manga Kaidou is Utena's good friend at her school before she went to Ohtori. He's  a kind but naive boy, who ends up trying to prove that Utena's "Prince" is fake. His motives are only for Utena to be happy, though. Brief Name Translation - Lump of Earth


Wakaouji Aoi - おじ あおい

Appeared in Manga Mistaken at first for Utena's Prince, Wakaouji is really just a good friend of her Aunt Yurika. Wakaouji bares the rose ring, but explains that he went to Ohtori Academy. (perhaps dueled for the rose bride at one point?) Because of some things he said, Utena decides to go to Ohtori. Brief Name Translation - Young Inexperienced Prince


Hozumi Mari - 穂積 茉莉

  Mari is Tsuwabuki's good friend, who also knows more about grown up life then our poor naive Mitsuru. She only appears for an episode though. Brief Name Translation - Jasmine
Appeared in Episode 18


       Kazami Tatsuya - 風見 達也    
Voiced by - Ryoutarou  Okiayu Tatsuya is an old friend of Wakaba, her "Onion Prince." He, at first, shows interest in Utena, but then realizes her likes Wakaba, when he realized she wasn't making fun of him. Of course, as soon as he gets close.. she runs off to her real "Prince." He also makes an appearance.. well, the back of his head makes an appearance in the Utena movie. Brief Name Translation - Attain to see and be the wind
Appeared in Episode 19 and 30, and the movie


Chida Tokiko - 千唾 時子

Voiced by Noriko Hidaka  Older sister of Mamiya as well as a work partner and friend to Mikage. Unfortunately, she left the school some time ago for mysterious reasons. Brief Name Translation - Time Child
Appeared in Episodes 22 and 23


Tsuchiya Ruka - 土谷 瑠果

Voiced by Nozomu Sasaki Ruka is one of those characters you either hate or love. He is the captain of the fencing team, but left Juri in change when he became sick. He only returned to the school to show something to the one he loved. Brief Name Translation - Valley Fruit
Appeared in Episodes 28 and 29


Suzuki - 鈴木
Yamada - 山田
Tanaka - 田中

Appeared in Episodes 6, 16, 20, 24, 27, 31, 39 and movie

Voiced by 
Suzuki - Takuma Suzuki
Yamada -  Katashi Ishizuka
Tanaka -  Hiroyuki Yoshino
Brief Name Translation - Their names are pretty simple and common Japanese names. I feel no need to give out real translations. 

These 3 guys, who seem to be in love with Nanami, can also talk, hum, and scream in perfect sync. Definitely some of the more comical characters of the series, I only wish they became Black Rose Duelists.

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