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Here is a list of all the episodes of the Shoujo Kakumei Utena T.V. Series. This section will include a small sentence or two about the episode, as well as both English and Japanese titles. As well as put into there own story arcs. I have used certain translations over others, such as fansub translations and commercial tape translation. I picked the ones I thought sounded 100 times better.


*Has been released in the U.S. on 4 VHS and 2 DVDs*

Episode 1: The Rose Bride Original Name: Bara no Hanayome
Utena's first day at Ohtori, a normal day.. till she stumbles into a fight with the Kendo Team Captain! What are duelists fighting for?

Episode 2: For Whom The Rose Smiles Original Name: Tagatame ni Bara wa Hohoemu
Now that Utena is the champion duelists, she must deal with the rules of the rose. Including being engaged to Anthy Himemiya, the Rose Bride!

Episode 3: On The Night Of The Ball Original Name: Butoukai no Yoru ni
Utena and Anthy now live together, and they have been invited to a dance party by the Kiryuu family. Just what does Touga, the Student Council President  want with Utena?

Episode 4: The Sunlit Garden - Prelude Original Name: Hikari Sasu Niwa - Prelude
Another member of the Student Council suddenly seeks interest in Anthy. Is it for the duel game, or does he want to fulfill something empty in his heart? And what does Nanami want with Anthy?!

Episode 5: The Sunlit Garden - Finale Original Name: Hikari Sasu Niwa - Finale
Miki's sudden love for Anthy and Touga's persuasion has gotten Utena targeted for another duel! Miki VS Utena!

Episode 6:  Beware, Nanami-sama! Original Name: Nanami-sama Goyoujin!
Between Nanami thinking her brother is trying to kill her, and animals are after her, she's in a heap of trouble. Till a Prince comes to her aid.

Episode 7: Unfulfilled Juri Original Name: Mihatenu Juri
Juri and Utena talk about miracles, and when Utena comments about her Prince being a miracle, Juri get outraged and challenges Utena to prove her wrong!

Episode 8: The Great Curry High Trip! Original Name: Curry-naru High Trip
Nanami's evil plot backfires when her brother finds out. Unfortunately for Utena and Anthy, their bodies switched! Can Nanami find a cure?

Episode 9: The Castle Said To Hold Eternity Original Name: Eien ga Aru toiu Shiro
Saionji remembers the past.. training with Touga as kids, meeting a girl in a coffin, and wanting eternity. Saionji's ambitions will give Utena more trouble then she's in for.

Episode 10: Nanami's Precious One Original Name: Nanami no Taisetsu na Mono
Touga is injured by Saionji, protecting Utena. Saionji becomes expelled, and Nanami thinks her brothers pains is Utena's fault! Then, seeing the Nanami wanted to fight Utena, Touga hands her a Rose Ring!

Episode 11: Gracefully Cruel; The One Who Picks the Flower Original Name: Yuuga ni Reikoku;  Sono Hana wo Tsumu Mono
Touga approaches Utena, saying he is her Prince. Utena is not to surprised.. till Touga challenges her to a duel!

Episode 12: Perhaps for Friendship's Sake Original Name: Tabun Yuujou no Tame ni
Utena lost Anthy to Touga, and now is depressed to the point of tearing up her boy's uniform! Can she get the courage to fight back? 

Episode 13: Plotting a Locus Original Name: Egakareru Kiseki
Utena has faced many duels. The entire Student Council has been defeated by her. What will happen next? ...and, is that a Black Rose Ring?

Black Rose Saga / Kuro Bara Hen, The Ohtori Akio Saga / Ohtori Akio Hen, and Mokushiroku Hen / The Apocalypse Saga

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