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Here is a list of all the episodes of the Shoujo Kakumei Utena T.V. Series. This section will include a small sentence or two about the episode, as well as both English and Japanese titles. As well as put into there own story arcs. I have used certain translations over others, such as fansub translations and commercial tape translation. I picked the ones I thought sounded 100 times better.

Black Rose Saga / Kuro Bara Hen

Released in the U.S. on DVD

Episode 14: The Boys of the Black Rose Original Name: Kuro bara no Shounen-tachi

Utena meets Akio Ohtori, the Trustee Chairman of the school, and his soon to be wife, Kanae. Then suddenly, Utena is invited to a duel! Who invited her? A new theat?

Episode 15: A World Seen from Kozue Original Name: Sono Kozue ga Sasu Fuukei
Kozue, Miki's twin sister, becomes jealous of the people around her brother. She then decides to join the Black Rose Society!
Episode 16: The Cowbell of Happiness Original Name: Shiawase no Cowbell
Nanami is out shown by Juri, in a fit of jealousy, she receives a box from a famous jewelry company.. a cowbell! With the cowbell on, she slowly starts turning into a cow!
Episode 17: Thorns of Death Original Name: Shi no Toge
The girl from Juri's past returns to prove to Juri that miracles do exist. After being rejected, she falls into the hands of the Black Rose Society. More problems for Utena!
Episode 18: Mitsuru's Impatience Original Name: Mitsuru Modokashisa
Mitsuru, Nanami's lackey, suddenly becomes obsessed with grown up and doing grown up things. This will come out to be problems for Nanami and Utena.
Episode 19: A Kingdom Now Lost Original Name: Ima wa Naki Oukoku no Uta
Wakaba's Onion Prince returns from the past. He only seems to have interest in Utena though! When he realizes the truth, he goes to Wakaba.. but is rejected for another man in Wakaba's heart.
Episode 20: Wakaba Flourishing Original Name: Wakaba Shigereru
Wakaba's strange roommate is now offered to return to the school by the Black Rose. Wakaba knows if her roommate leaves, he'll forget about her.. then she falls onto the black rose petal, and becomes a duellist.
Episode 21: Troublesome Insects Original Name: Warui Mushi
Nanami's flunkies seem to only want to help her for the sake of their love for Touga. When Nanami finds out that one of her flunkies is in love with her brother, she bats them away like flies.
Episode 22: Nemuro Memorial Hall Original Name: Nemuro Kinenkan
Mikage Souji, the head of the Black Rose meets Utena though ChuChu's mischief. Mikage looks at Utena, like she's a girl from his past.. Mikage's past... what is his background?
Episode 23: Qualifications of a Duelist Original Name: Duelist no Jouken
Utena discovers the horrible truth behind the Black Rose, and out of rage, challenges Mikage to a duel! Will Utena be able to avenge her friends?
Episode 24: The Secret Nanami Diary Original Name: Nanami-sama Himitsu Nikki
Mitsuru keeps a secret diary, of schemes to get Nanami to love him. Unfortunately, Utena, Anthy, and Nanami read his book while he's knocked out cold!

The Ohtori Akio Saga / Ohtori Akio Hen

Released in the U.S. on DVD

Episode 25: Our Eternal Apocalypse  Original Name: Futari no Eien Mokushiroku
Anthy and Utena move out of there dorm and into the right wing of the chairman's office so Anthy and Akio can be closer to each other. Then suddenly Saionji comes back to duel!
Episode 26: Miki's Nest Box 

(Sunlit Garden - Arranged)

Original Name: Miki no Subako

(Hikari Sasu Niwa - Arrange)

The Ends of the World use the recently injured Kozue to get Miki to duel with Utena! Of course, realizing it's his chance to get Anthy again.. he goes for it, and uses Kozue as his own Rose Bride!
Episode 27: Nanami's Egg Original Name: Nanami no Tamago
Nanami is having dreams of her laying an egg.. unfortunately for her, she wakes up with an egg in her bed! Does this mean she's a mother?
Episode 28: Whispers in the Darkness Original Name: Yami ni Sasayaku
An old friend named Ruka returns to the Academy after a long leave. He takes over the Fencing Team again, and then challenges Utena to a duel, using Shiori as a Rose Bride!
Episode 29: Azure Blue Paler Than the Sky Original Name: Sora yori Awaki Ruriiro no
Ruka is back once more, but this time he takes Juri and uses her to duel Utena for him! Will Utena be able to pull off another miracle?
Episode 30: The Barefoot Girl Original Name: Hadashi no Shoujo
Utena has started thinking about her Prince again.. and if she's allowed to love someone else. Utena's world is about to change even more so.
Episode 31: Her Tragedy Original Name: Kanojo no Higeki
Nanami finds out that her and Touga are not true siblings, and becomes overly depressed by this. To the point of running away from home... and suddenly being invited to live with Anthy and Utena by Akio! This is gonna more troublesome then a duel for Utena.
Episode 32: Romance of the Dancing Girls Original Name: Odoru Kanojotachi no Koi
After Touga attempts to get Nanami back, she refuses and blurts out the truth. Then.. that night, she sees Akio doing something very forbidden.. 
Episode 33: The Prince Who Runs Though The Night Original Name: Yoru wo Hashiru Ouji
Anthy has Akio deliver some roses to a far away place, taking Utena with him. After a day at the Carnival, Utena and Akio bond late at night.

Mokushiroku Hen / The Apocalypse Saga

Released in the U.S. on DVD

Episode 34: The Seal of the Rose Original Name: Bara no Kokuin
Utena is invited to a theater play, and takes Akio and Anthy. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that the play is about the truth behind the Rose Bride and the prince.
Episode 35: The Love That Blossomed in the Winter Original Name: Fuyu no Koro Mebaeta Ai
Touga suddenly comes back into Utena's life, wanting to spend more time with her. Then, Touga finally realizes the truth about his life.. and how much he was used.
Episode 36: And the Night the Gates Opened Original Name: Soshite Yoru no Tobira ga Hiraku
Touga tells Utena the truth. About his true feelings, and that he's always loved her.. Unfortunately for Touga, Utena loves someone else. Touga then challenges Utena to a duel, while placing a bet. If he wins, she becomes his girlfriend.. if she wins, the Student Council no longer aims for the Rose Bride.
Episode 37: The One That Will Revolutionize the World Original Name: Sekai wo Kakumei Suru Mono
Utena has gone though many battles.. Friends, Student Council, and people she barely knew. Nothing will compare though, to the battle she must fight now. Will she battle or will she not?
Episode 38: The Ends of the World Original Name: Sekai no Hate
Utena VS The Ends of the World. The truth is discovered.. about the duels, the Rose Bride, and the Prince.
Episode 39: Someday, We'll Shine Together Original Name: Itsuka Issho ni Kagayaite

Everything comes to an end. Something shiny, eternity, miracles, the revolution of the world. Catch the stunning climax to Revolutionary Girl Utena!

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