Last Updated: February 14th, 2002

Usually, in the anime world, series usually have coincided mangas, OVAs, movies, and other ways of telling the story. Very rarely do anime series spawn off Live Action Musicals. Utena, as well as the mass array of Sailor Moon Musicals, as well as Sakura Taisen, Akazukin Cha Cha, and Kiki's Delivery Service have had musicals. 

The Utena Musical's official title is "Utena Comedy Musical," even though there are not alot of comical scenes. It was preformed in 1998-1999 winter (Information not confirmed) and didn't have a very long run. For those of you who are familiar with the Sailor Moon Musicals, you may of recognized some of the cast.  Utena, Touga, Juri, and Nanami have all be in Sailor Moon musicals. The musicals was written by KaNNa, who is famous for Anime musicals. (More information when it comes to me. If anyone knows their names and parts, please email me. )

The Utena musical pretty much runs off the Manga's storyline, with it's own little additions. It plays up to the Saionji Duel, the Juri Duel, and the battle with Touga. As well as Utena meeting Akio.

The first song of course is titled "Oujisama ga Ii" or " I will be a Prince." Then of course, the Student Council meet and talk to Saionji about the Rose Bride, and how he shouldn't be treating her. The song (My personal favorite.) "Sekai wo Kakumei Suru Tame ni" Or "For the Revolution of the World." The next scene is Utena approaching Saionji, talking about the love letter. As you know, push comes to shove and Utena and Saionji duel. Utena and Saionji duel, and the song "Mamotte Hoshii" aka "Protecting Star." Sung by Dios, who is giving Utena the power to beat Saionji. After Utena wins the duel, Anthy sings her the "Welcome" song, and Anthy alone sings "Bara no Hana Yome" or "The Rose Bride."

Then, it's Shadow girl time! The girls sing their song, that is named the same as them (Kagee Shoujo) The song goes just like one of their scenes.

Then, Juri challenges Utena! Utena wins by a miracle, of course. Juri being very upset, wants another duel with Utena. Touga says no, and she walks off pissed. Miki follows her. Nanami gets upset, and whines, whines, then leaves. Touga laughs slightly, the holds his arm.. saying he hurt it earlier. Utena symphonizes, and helps him. She talks about her Prince, and thus the song "Tsuyoka Kedakaku" or "Strong and Noble" plays. A very nice scene. 

Later that night, Nanami hosts a party for everyone at the Kiryuu house. The song is all about the dance party, and how to make her brother happy. This part was taken out of the musical, even though you can find this song "Butoukai no Yoru ni" or "One the Night of the Dance" on the Utena OST 5. This was removed for time limits.. even though this is where Touga challenges Utena. Utena loses the duel for the first time.. and loses Anthy. The girl who's she become such good friends with. After being slapped around by Wakaba, Utena decides to challenge Touga again! After a long battle, Utena wins.. and Anthy is her's again. The musical ends with "Arigatou Ai Wo" or "Thank you, My Love" in English.

Then, at the end.. Akio and Touga have some words on Utena.. this could lead to something.

Unfortunately, the Musical ended there!

The Utena musical, much like most musicals like it, has no plans to come to America. Unless someone like Tokyo Pop decides that anime turned into musicals will do well. (sounds like something Tokyo Pop would do.) The only way to get them is search on the web for them. Type in "Utena Musical" and 80% of the sites that pop up will probably be fansub sites.

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