Last Updated: December 6th, 2009


August 18th, 2007

Updating episode guide with screen shots. To keep from long loads, I've separated the pages into seasons. Only 1-13 is up, rest to follow. I've also fixed a few broken images and am currently working on some new stuff. Expect a nice update to the musical section soon. :D I'm also looking for new Ikuhara stories and some new cosplay sites!!


June 11th, 2003

The Utena series in near the end of it's completion in America! The Black Rose Saga is completed, and the Mokushiroku and Akio Saga, known as Apocalypse Saga is on it's way! The manga is also still flowing out with Volume 3 on it's way. 

As for the site? We'll, I've gone about and updated pages with recent information, added 4 brand new Wallpapers, added some stuff to Adolescence, and added a new section devoted to the creative team Be-Papas! Enjoy the updates! 

April 12th, 2003

Utena: Apocalypse Saga is now for Pre-Order at! Disk One is due out July! That's almost to long to wait! ^_^ Check out the "U.S. Release" section to pre-order!

1st, 2003

Alive, Alive! I am alive! We've moved to our own server now at! So we won't have to worry about moving around anymore. :D I've gone ahead and made updates to all pages, mainly just email changes. I've also updated "U.S. Release." Now, just to actually let people know we're back! :D


Saturday, October 12th 2002

Great news today in Utena news! Utena: The Black Rose Saga DVD 1 and 2 now have release dates, and boy they are close! Utena : Black Rose 1 DVD: Black Rose Blooms comes out November 12th, 2002 and DVD 2: Impatience & Longing due out Jan 14, 2003. BOTH you can pre-order here at my site! Just click on my  -US Release- section, and buy from us at and!

And the Utena Game site has been updated!

Thursday, August 6th 2002

Moved to it's own server on the same host as before. We are now! Also, in a few months I'll be getting a video capture card  so I can take some screen shots from the DVDs and some games, so expect some cool videos and pictures later! Thanks for sticking around!


Sorry about the lack of recent updates, still getting used to the way my life turned around. I promise to update more. ^_^ This time around, for site updates, I've added some new wallpapers like I promised, but I have yet to complete Who Wants To Win The Rose Bride part 3. Though, to make up for it I have a BIG surprise in mind for later this week, you'll notice a new link appear soon. 

Also, in Utena related news. The first Black Rose DVD is due out in October for anyone who doesn't know. Also, the 2nd volume of Revolutionary Girl Utena the manga is available for preorder over at!


February 6th, 2002

Alright, if you've found this site you can tell we've had some recent problems. To get over these problems, my website is now /~kaji/Utena, not /kaji/Utena

So, if there are pages missing, just add ~ in front of kaji and it should be there. 

Also, I have plans for remaking this site (New layout, new text, ect) unfortunately, to create room , I will have to remove the image gallery, but I will be adding stuff to the site AND to my main site,

Please check out my main page for most updates. ^^


December 28th 2001

Last update of the year. ^^; Unfortunately, I lost my manga translations so I have to search for some new ones. 

I did add a new section that I hope does really well. ^_^ Revolutionary Captions! It will give you a chance to  have some fun here on this site. Also, game site is FULLY UP! Check it out as soon as you can. ^_^ Also, if you want more detailed info on a game and a printable text version, check out and search for Utena. My FAQ is there! :D

I'm gonna start working on other parts of my web page. Such as reforming Evangelion, adding some new sections, and some other wonderful stuff.

Also, on the Utena side of things. Episodes 14-25 have been picked up and Software Sculptures has already begin working on them. Using the same voice cast, of course, from the movie. Prepare for the Black Rose Arc of Revolutionary Girl Utena!


December 17th, 2001

Sorry about the late update, had some server adjustments as well as some new rules passed on OWA that I had to get information on, ect.

I updated images, manga, and wall papers. The site is supposed to be up, but the text file got messed up and deleted half the FAQ. -.-; Summery for Volume 1 and the video game area should be updated with walkthrough, ending, ect. Stay tuned, I'm still working guys!

Also, I am getting ready to add a new section! Coming before 2002!

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