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Utena Tenjou was no ordinary student at school. She desires to be as honest, understanding, compassionate, and honorable Prince. Of course, her school is no ordinary school. A group of students who have control of the school, The Student Council bare the Rose Seal. A ring that has the inscription of the rose on it. Utena notices the rings on the members of the Student Council. The same ring.. that she was given years ago by a Prince, after her mother and father died.

Utena discovers that her best friend, Wakaba, sent a love letter to the Student Council Vice President, Saionji Kyouichi. Of course, the popular pretty boy of the green rose rids himself of it up like a piece of trash. Utena becomes furious at the vice president, thus challenging him to a kendo duel after school. Unfortunately for Utena, Saionji mistook her for a "duelists" due to the ring she has. He takes her to the arena under the floating castle where The Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, prepares them. Of course, As confusing as this is to Utena, she still is willing to fight for Wakaba, as well as save Anthy from the abusive Saionji. Thru her efforts, Utena is victorious with only the use of a wooden sword and suddenly becomes the champion duelist and gets possession of Anthy, the Rose Bride, whom will do whatever is desired by her master.

Utena's only problem isn't just the Student Council! She also has to deal with her past and this evil cult known as the Black Rose Society, as well as the mastermind controlling the entire school.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Utena mixes the classic tail of a small girl meeting a prince on a white horse with the romantic shoujo/young girl anime twist. It was voted "Most likely to get guys into Shoujo" and has had over 500 dedicated web sites to the series, movie, characters, and ect. Definitely an anime classic for all times!


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The Following is some Explanations of the T.V. Series and it's ending. Spoilers Ahead.

The story of the Rose: The following is a complete explanation of from when Utena's parents, to when she decided to become a Prince.

When Utena was young, she got into a car accident with her parents. Her parents where killed in the crash, but she lived. When she went to go see her parents coffins, and noticed a 3rd. Was it left for her? She crawled in, contemplating to die in the coffin.. and to be where she thought that she belonged. Two boys came in searching for her.. One with long green hair, and one with long red hair. They where about her age. The red haired boy asks her why she is hiding in the coffin and there she explains that she wants to be here.. that nothing is eternal. The green haired boy ponders about Eternity. When they realize they cannot do anything.. they leave. 

Then, a pretty boy in white enters and asks her why she is waiting. She is captured by his beauty, she follows him as he walks away. He suddenly stops at a girl who was being hung up by what looks to be long thorns, going though her body. The "Prince" explains the story..

He used to be a Prince who would rescue anyone in trouble. To the point, to where he became ill from exhaustion. Anthy, his sister, the only girl who couldn't be a Princess. (For the reason she was his sister) Wanting to protect him, she hides him away from the world. of course.. Dios finally rests.. for eternity. Anthy told the world that the Prince is dead, and they blamed her.. calling her a witch. Then, she was killed by the villages. From that point on.. Anthy's magic revived them both, as if they where given new spirits. Dios, the Prince... became Akio, the demon. Anthy the witch, became the Rose Bride. A girl bounded by her own magic, for the sake of her brother.

Young Akio, known as the End of the World, begins to talk about the fact that he'll never be able to free his sister.. That only a Prince she, Anthy, believes in can. Utena asks the boy if he can save her, he says no.. because he is now the Ends of the World. Utena stands up and vows that she will save the "Princess" and become a Prince. The boy gives her his ring, telling her to never lose her pure heart or nobility. Utena then grows up, forgets about that day... till she re-discovers the truth.


The original Japanese version of Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena was aired in 1997 on TV Tokyo. Created by B-Papas. By Chiho Saitou (Magnolia Waltz) and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. (Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon R movie, and Maple Town) The Original Shoujo Kakumei Utena ran for 4 Seasons in Japan, and has been brought to the States by Software Sculptures. 

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