Last Updated: February 14th, 2002

Wallpapers are always known to be popular on the net and off the net. When people get into a new obsession, be it anime, games, movies, whatever, they want to have stuff about it. Wallpapers are one of them. Here is Kaji's personal selection of great wallpapers. 

All 800 x 600, all made by Kaji.. So far. Feel free to donate some if you wish.

Miki and Kozue. A very beautiful image from he movie art book.

One of my favorite images of Touga and Utena. With a few Photoshop tweaks.

This came from the movie art book too. I love this image. ^_^

Akio and Utena's relationship has never made me to happy.. but it's a nice wallpaper.

Anthy. Laying on a car. Looking very easy.  What more could you want? ..Well?!

I almost feel sorry for Utena in this image, knowing at one point in the series she hates both of those two. 

One of my favorite wallpapers now. Very happy how it turned out.

This one came to me in a sudden idea, I personally think it came out great.

The famous Juri VS Utena Duel from the movie revisited!

A very cute wallpaper I think. I scanned it myself! ^_^ 

Like before, this one is even cuter. Poor ChuChu, he just can't make friends. ^^ heh

Utena and Anthy posing for the camera of justice! ^_^ A personal favorite.

Very adorable and sweet image of Utena and Anthy.

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