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Utena takes place in a romantic fantasy world. Much like a castle would in the medieval days, but fast forwarded into the future, if you get what I'm saying. (You probably don't. -.-) The School, if course, is the main point in this city. It almost seems that the city was built around the school. 

Ohtori Academy is located in the city of Hou-oh. (Or Hou-ho, however you want to spell it.) Hou-oh also means Phoenix. Of course, other translations could call it "Suzaku" or even "Ohtori." (Ooooh, Ohtori... Hou-ho.. it's all coming together, neh?)

I'm guessing sense the city and school share a likeness in the name, they must of all been run by the Ohtori family (Kanae's Father, perhaps?) Now, let's check out the looks of the two different forms of Ohtori. (T.V. Series will also refer to the manga series. As well as movie will go with the movie manga.)

*Movie Ohtori*


 *T.V. Series Ohtori*






As you can tell, movie and series Ohtori are much different. You never really see the school in the movie as a whole, like you do in the series. I will do my best to explain the movie's layout, but first, let's start with the series. Where I will get in-depth with Series Ohtori.

*Quick Side Note*

Ohtori in the manga and the T.V. series have the same basic layout, with a few changes (Like the Student Council Office, or Utena's dorm.) I will supply images of both the Animation and the manga versions.

Here is a quick map of Ohtori. No.. this isn't connect the dots. Each number represents an important area of Ohtori. Below the image, will have an explanation of the area and some images.

The important areas of the school and city are dotted in pink and given a number. There will be an image/images of the area and a short description of the location and what usually goes on there.


The front entrance of the school campus. Not ALOT happens here, but it's the only way into the academy. The top image is a shot of the school close up and the bottom image is the school from sorta far away.


The Student Council Office is, of course, where the Student Council meets. Some cryptic stuff is said here, and alot of the storyline is outlined here.  It's located half way up the main tower. Only people with special permission can be there. 

Also, in the Manga. The Student Council Office is more like the inside of a church, then this.


The top of the main tower, is a combination of 3 things. It's a "office" and home for the Trustee Chairman and big enough to house any family he may have. It's also an observatory, for the star obsessed trustee chairman.


The Dueling Arena is another important part. This is a view of the Dueling Arena from the top of the main tower. The arena is big of course, and above it lies the upside down castle where the "Prince" resides.

5.) Before the days of Utena, there was another Fencing Hall. Much bigger then the one we see in the T.V. series. Unfortunately, when the head of the Fencing Hall disappeared. (Chigusa) The place became ruins. This area is only shown in the game.
6.) These big buildings (the one numbered and the one across from it) are classes, just like the ones above them. These are special class rooms that are make for special subjects. As you cans see, there are things such as the music room, library, and kitchen. I'm sure this is also where alot of the teachers offices are located.

7.) Nemuro Memorial Hall is known to of burnt down years ago with 50 students trapped alive inside. Odd, just like the old fencing arena, it seems to be rebuilt. Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing MYSTERIOUS.

Of course, every school has it's classes. A majority of the classes at Ohtori are located in the back  square-like building (Where 8 is.. they are square-like.) and more classes on the right side of in the same shape building. The classes surround the main tower. How the classes are set up, I don't know. I'm guessing they are set up like departments. Like one has mostly language classes, the others have math and science, ect.

The Rose Garden plays an important role in the series. It represents a bird cage for the Rose Bride. Alot of slapping also goes on here. It's located in the square building on the right side.


This is the Kendo and Fencing Area of the school that we see so often. I'm sure there is stuff like this across the way (On the right side) I'm sure it's something for gymnastics, indoor pool, and that sort of stuff. And in the center of the school, before the dueling arena.. That seems to be open sport area.

10.) Behind the building on the right, is the cafeteria. I believe the campus is open to eat mostly anywhere on campus, but sometimes it's nice to sit down and eat at the table.. I'm sure all the stupid popular kids take all the tables before us nerds do! ;.;
11.) Right outsider the town is the closest, and mostly abandoned dorm in the city. It's also where Utena lives! I'm sure there are dorms all over town.. like Wakaba's, and her 4 hour walk to her dorm.. hmmm.. this one has 2 students, and Wakaba is walking miles a day?! What a cruel school!
Other.) Here are some un-numbered places throughout the city. First is Main Street. From main street, you can go to many random stores, restaurant, tea houses, as well as an arcade that Juri seems to like visit. 

Now is the theater. We watch movies there! A-ko, B-ko, and Saionji waited many volumes of "Scenes from the Elevator" in line to watch the Utena movie.

Next.. well, I dunno, but it seems to be near Othori's entrance. 

This area is the towns Nurses office. I thought it was in the school at first, but the game gave me enough info to prove that it wasn't.

Now of course, the next two pictures is of the Kiryuu Manor! We all know this place to be a place for naked Touga, beginnings of Nanami's problems, and lots of other wonderful things. ^^



Movie Ohtori is impossible to map. Period. Why? It moves! That's hell if you actually go to all your classes. -.-;Unless the school arranges itself for you, then that's pretty cool. The only thing that never moves, is the main tower. The main tower also seems to have a piece of old Ohtori on it. The only things this school comes with that T.V. series Ohtori doesn't, is a full scale parking garage that would put hotel's in Las Vegas to shame! Also, there's a highway that would put confusing Vegas highways to shame as well! Oi! x.x; 


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